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We pay flat CPM (per 1000 unique visits) rate for relevant visitors (those interested in viewing our videos and browsing our sites) you send to our paid adult tube sites. Rates depend on country and traffic quality. Individual rate bumps may apply for high traffic quality and volumes. Contact our support team to discuss personal conditions.

How does it work?

Welcome to our Traffic Trade Program! If you are an adult content publisher looking to monetize your quality traffic, you're in the right place. We offer competitive PM rates for the unique visitors you send our way.

Traffic Sending

You send interested visitors to our free adult sites

Flat CPM Rates

We pay a flat CPM (cost per thousand) rate for each batch of 1000 unique. Data is sourced from Google Analytics 4, where we tally the total number of users (dimension) based on the traffic source (your domain). visitors.

Relevant Traffic

We highly value high-quality traffic-visitors interested in viewing our videos and exploring our sites. Fake traffic will get your site suspended. Inactive trades will get site suspended.

Variable Rates

The rates we pay depend on the country of traffic origin and the quality of traffic. We strive to reward publishers who send high-quality traffic.

Quality Bonus

Individual rate bumps may be granted for high traffic volumes and exceptional quality. Contact our support team to discuss your personal conditions.

Our network of sites

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CPM Payment Rates

Our CPM payment rates vary based on the country of traffic origin and its quality.
Here's a general estimate of our rates:

Site VHQ countries rate HQ countries rate MQ countries rate LQ countries rate $2.50 per 1000 unique visitors. $1.50 per 1000 unique visitors. $0.75 per 1000 unique visitors. $0.35 per 1000 unique visitors. $1.50 per 1000 unique visitors. $0.75 per 1000 unique visitors. $0.25 per 1000 unique visitors. $0.15 per 1000 unique visitors. $2.00 per 1000 unique visitors. $1.00 per 1000 unique visitors. $0.50 per 1000 unique visitors. $0.25 per 1000 unique visitors.

VHQ countries rate
France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg

HQ countries rate
United States, Candada, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal

MQ countries rate
Norway, Denmark Austria, Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta, Cyprus, Croatia, Lithuania

LQ countries rate
Others countries

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Basic rules

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We accept traffic from reputable sources like TGP's, Blogs, Forums, and Tubes for top-tier content delivery.

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We accept publishers who bring innovative and creative approaches to content delivery.

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We accept partnerships that focus on optimizing performance for both publishers and users.

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Traffic is accepted only from legal sources

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We don't accept popup and popunder traffic as we are committed to providing a smooth and uninterrupted browsing experience for our users, ensuring their satisfaction and engagement.

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We don't accept any kind of blind traffic to maintain transparency and openness, valuing the trust between our publishers and their audience.

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We don't accept traffic involving codecs, spyware, or adware, maintaining a secure and trustworthy atmosphere for all participants.

Payment Threshold

Payments are made when your earnings reach a minimum threshold of $200. Once you accumulate at least $200 in earnings, we will process your payment according to our regular schedule.

Getting Started?

To get started with our Traffic Trade Program, please reach out to us through the contact form located at the bottom of this page. Our team will be happy to assist you in signing up, providing you with the necessary integration materials, and answering any questions you may have.

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